Electronic ICT Consulting

Integrated IT and Electronic Monitoring Solution Consulting:

In today’s IP Connected world, the integration of IT and Electronic management and/or monitoring onto a single monitoring and reporting platform provides a comprehensive view of the entire IT/Electronic infrastructure that enables a quicker response and fault correlation by support staff.

IP CCTV and Remote Surveillance Solutions:

Critical to the success of any Security surveillance system is planning. The correct positioning and specifications of CCTV cameras throughout critical areas of coverage ensures the right image is captured in the event of a security condition. Correct planning in regards to video wall displays for the number of critical cameras ensures that security personnel always have the right view of all key monitoring points. Image storage planning is essential for storage sizing and fast image retrieval.

IP Access Control & Intercom Solutions:

In depth planning when implementing an access control system ensures a successful implementation. The correct location and type of access control point in relation to the movement of people throughout a campus maximises control and improves efficiency. The integration of an access control system with an environmental or building management system for example will ensure that in the event of a fire detection in an area the access control system will be able to verify which users are still in the affected area.

Building/Environmental Management and Monitoring:

Building and/or Environmental management systems require a high level of integration to ensure that the “Total Picture” is visible across the campus environment. Each building management system implementation will have the basic components such as power, cooling and lighting monitoring however a health care environment might also require other key items to be monitored such as cold storage areas for pharmaceuticals or generators/UPS units required for critical theatre power requirements.

Public Address/Emergency Evacuation Systems

The success of a PA/Emergency Evacuation System lies in the correct sound coverage planning. Effective zone panning provides a more granular and easy to manage system. A clear understanding of emergency evacuation plans ensures optimal coverage.

Audio/Visual Systems

How a business communicates is a vital component in its growth. In support of this statement an audio visual system implementation must be based on sound planning and design principles. Analysis of sound acoustics plays a vital role in system design and specification.

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Electronic Consulting is defined as the application of electronic systems or technologies to achieve a specific business need. Not to be confused with "Electrical" Consulting which is the design of high-voltage power transmission. Electronic consulting can be referred to as systems or technologies that gather and transmit data for an intended use or purpose, such as CCTV, Access Control, Advanced Alarm Systems etc. An example of this would be the integration of legacy Fire Alarm Panels onto an Ethernet Network for monitoring via a GUI(Graphical User Interface) interface.